A flexible water purifier ownership programme that lets you decide on the monthly fee or repayment period for your CUCKOO Water Purifier!



Up to 6 plans to choose from, from as low as RM120.00 a month to as short as 18 months. Lower monthly fee or a shorter repayment period? It’s your call!


It’s the ownership programme for a hot & cold water purifier with the lowest monthly fee in the market! With the CUCKOO GOOOD PLAN™, you can own the water purifier at a much lower price than the original and save more. Or, if you prefer, you can enjoy the water purifier with servicing for as low as RM120.00 per month!


Enjoy all the benefits (filter replacement, servicing and warranty) until your repayment period ends!

Model Cuckoo Xcel
Filtration Type Nano Positive Filtration System
Filter & Replacement Period Sediment Filter Every 4 months
Pre-Carbon Filter Every 8 months
Natural Filter Every 12 months
Nano Positive Filter Every 12 months
Tank Capacity Cold 1.0L
Hot 1.0L
Room 0.3L
Material Anti-bacterial stainless steel water tank
Power Consumption Cold 100W
Hot 300W
Rental Xcel Model
Processing Fee RM265 Waived
Monthly Rental
84 Months RM85.00/monthly
72 Months RM90.00/monthly
60 Months RM100.00/monthly
48 Months RM120.00/monthly
36 Months RM140.00/monthly
30 Months RM160.00/monthly
24 Months RM180.00/monthly
18 Months RM200.00/monthly
Payment Option Credit/Debit Card Auto Debit
Bank Savings Account Direct Debit
Filter Changing Every 4 months
Servicing and Warranty Free up to 7 years
Document Required for Rental

Home use: Photo of NRIC (Front only) & Credit/Debit Card (Front only)

Office use: Photo of NRIC (Front only), Credit/Debit Card (Front only) & SSM Cert

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